More weather possibly?

Sitting here waiting on news of whether this ice/snow thing we’re supposed to have is going to be anything significant. There was some crazy ice on the driveway this morning so when my mom left my brother and I helped clear off the car by sliding ice-skating-style down the driveway and hanging on to her car. The Fit is so round and sleek that there wasn’t too much to hold onto…

Still waiting to see if I’ll be volunteering with meghan tomorrow.

In other news, I CAUGHT A FEEBAS. YAAAAAY. After all these years of frustration… I went and got my Shiny Suicune and Ash’s Pikachu yesterday. :) Ran a ton of errands yesterday too. So the only shiny I’m missing is Entei which I missed by one lousy day.

The Feebas part makes me happy AAAAAAND has me sort of back into the Pokemon mood right as Pokemon Black and White are about to come out. :}


3 thoughts on “More weather possibly?

    1. duuuuuude. I was reading in my book about how if you mix records then you can help cut down the search a little since they’d be in the same 4 panels bt the two games, so I took my mom’s DSi-XL and my brother’s Pokemon diamond and went at it. Very tedious, but I was very surprised when only 15 minutes into it I GOT A HIT. It’s ridiculous how difficult it is to catch those dern feebas in any game. I mean…only 4 panels in the whole lake in Mt Coronet and not only that but you can only catch them about 50% of the time??

      But then Milotic is so worth it. :]


      1. i think i only ran into once by accident and was not all prepared. tried catching it, but failed and was sorely disappointed afterwards. your mom as a dsi? that’s pretty sweet.


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