I have completely forgotten now what the last post was on here. Now that I only have one blog to update that’s pretty sad. So quickupdate: Car situation is now resolved with the addition of a new car (HONDA FIT aka “Greybus”), I have now temped in 2 offices and Fridays are a definite job for me,  I should be searching for a more permanent and reliable job, still in need of an eye exam, and my mom has found essentially a full-time job.

All in all, life is returning to normal for us and we’re all much more happy than ever.

I’ve been pretty much obsessed with my webcomic, trying to find free ways to increase my traffic. I’m way too impatient though. It seems that I’ve amassed a few readers even if I still only have 2 official subscribers. In thinking about it though, there are some webcomics I really like but still don’t subscribe, but it drives me nuts that comics that are clearly crap have like 10 subscribers. I know they’re like friends or something, but stiiiill.

The plan today was to make some new antenna balls (my grandma has even gotten used to it…haha.) for myself and my mom’s new car. Did I tell you my antenna broke bc of the wet snow last week???? It made me sad. I plan to patch that up with some duct tape. No sense in spending more moola on that car for the moment. The window decals made me really frustrated. I haven’t updated that section for that exact reason. I think I should…beh.


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