Snow Jan 2011

Whooooooooooooa. Insanity. But let’s start at the beginning.

Yesterday morning, after having gone to sleep really late the night before, I was awoken at 7:20 to my phone ringing. I was like, hullo…and it ended up being Dr. Ackerman’s office calling to see if I could temp. I was like, ok, when do ya’ll open, and the office manager said, at 8. I was awake at that point and told him I’d be there as soon as I could because I was sleeping still. He laughed and said the roads are OK, just go slow, which confused my un-started brain, but I hung up. Jumped out, showered real quick, ran around, cleared off my car because it had indeed snowed a little. Fortunately it was just slushy so I started off my first day of temping at Dr. Ackerman’s late, frazzled, and not awake.

That pretty much spelled out the rest of the morning for me. It was boom boom boom and I was floating in a world of “I dunno” and ended up a whole hour late. There had been talk of lots of snow, but my patients and I were skeptical. Afternoon was alot better (relatively speaking), thank goodness, but then around 3pm I was waiting around for my last patient and the Centreville office called over saying that it was really bad where they were. I looked out the window and it was just raining as it had been all day. After my last patient was done (an easy one, phew) I got ready to go and looked out the window. Snow! Of course everything was fine until I got outside and saw the full extent of it all. Within 45 minutes the accumulation was immense.

The roads were just nasty and visibility was about nil. I wanted to take a picture but I thought better of it and just concentrated on navigating. I was extremely grateful that I wasn’t travelling in the opposite direction because it was already crazy crowded and barely moving. A ten minute commute turned into 45 minutes and some frustration but I got home alright. Too bad not much could be said to the people like my uncle and great aunt who were stuck in traffic for unbelievable amounts of time. My uncle didn’t get home until after 11 last night (from 3:30) and my great aunt didn’t make it until 12:30 (from 4-4:30).

Then our electricity went out. Thankfully we had just finished washing the dishes from dinner because I was annoying and kept saying “FEED ME I’M HUNGRY” over and over so we ate early.

This morning we woke up and there was so much snow! BUt still no power. My grandpa has this gas-tabletop stove thing that we use for hotpot so we ate ramen this morning and went out for some shovelling. Like I told my patients yesterday, you don’t know how long your driveway is until you have to shovel it. It’s looong man, but it beats sitting around in the house with no heat and electricity, so we spent a good 4-5 hours out there. My mom and I took most of the work because I really didn’t want my grandpa exerting himself too much. My grandma even came out to do things because she said that it’s colder inside than out.

My uncle and brother came over and brought lunch so we chilled with them for a little before they went home. It’s a good thing they came over because they said that the road is absolutely horrible. Not good plowing at all. There was abandoned cars everywhere. By the time they got here we had electricity back so everyone was happy here. In our area, waiting this long for electricity means that we were hit really hard.

Oh yeah…my mom’s brand new car (:D) had a big branch fall on it, but thanks to the huge layer of snow, not a scratch that we could see was on it.

Ima post more pictures on facebook.


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