FIrst day of official temping!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so cool. I’m so happy today! Everything pretty much went without a hitch. I mean, there’s always the obligatory mess up on my part, but overall everything went very well. I’m still somewhat masquerading as someone who has been temping around (which is not a lie, so…), but hopefully my actions today don’t give me too much away.

Everyone whom I called for encouragement was completely right: it all came back to me. Very quickly in fact. Much more quickly than last time. I got hit with one of the more challenging patients first (typical.) but she wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought she was going to be. MCV’s dental hygiene program readied me so much for this job. After seeing close to the worst, the worst is hard to beat. There were definiely other mishaps during the day (me chucking the air/water tips that apparently they autoclave, and patient mishap because the temp receptionist messed up), but the good outweighed the bad and the overall feel today when I left was: “I STILL GOT IT!!!”

Apparently I’m loud, eventhough I don’t realize it, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Still definitely have some bugs of my own to iron out, in trying to get back into the groove, but I think that if I get regular practice in, that should be resolved in no time. 200 dollars in 5 hours is not bad at all, considering that that’s a little on the low side and that I’ve been out of practice for 8 months. I am just still amazed at how quickly I can fall into the routine. Was it beat into me that badly??? haha. If so, thank you thank you VCU Dental Hygiene.


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