Getting back into it!

FINALLY I’ve gotten over my lazy self. I think the big jumpstart was actually watching my brother play RE4 for Wii again. That and having gone outside and shovelled the entire driveway of ice yesterday. I haven’t done anything as physically demanding as that in quite some time so I think it jumpstarted my body out of its “storing” mode and back into “spending” mode. It must have reignited my brain cells. In fact, when I woke up this morning, my eyes popped open when it was still pitch black outside (my guess somewhere near 6 o’clock). I had been getting up around 8am for the last several weeks. Then all of the sudden today…the only plausible reasoning is because my body thinks it’s back into “work/school” mode.

In short, I’ve actually accomplished things. I’ve drawn and inked 5 comics for Resident Weirdo (and working on the game-related ones even though my fingers won’t do what I tell them to do), set a volunteer date for the Northern VA Dental Clinic (part of my easing-back-into-hygiene plan), re-opened the lines of communication with my colleauges, examined my duties for remaining a hygienist in the state of VA, and just in general feeling responsible again.

Part of the sudden blooming must be related to the turn of events happening in life too. The last hurdle standing in the way of my search and acquisition of a stable hygiene job is the transportation situation that I share with my mom. Since we are sharing a car, I have been unwilling to commit myself to anything since I can’t in good faith throw myself 100% into it. Now that the settlement is set and we have some cash coming our way finally, plus the fact that my mom is suddenly in quite a need to drive as well (my aunt is offering her a sort of nanny job), we are very close to getting a new car. I am extremely excited about this. To be able to go forward with my future without worry about anything else is just fantastic news for me. My brother is equally excited because, well, it’s a new car.

Everything’s going swell so far! I’m seriously looking forward to everything!

Time to upload some comics!


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