Got My Car Back!

Yays! It took quite some time, but I finally got it back and for a good price at that. As it turns out the guy should be considered one of my great uncles because his older brother was engaged to be married to my grandma’s sisters but he was captured and never found again in Vietnam right after he got the marriage license. O_o Small world. For a guy who is actually a mechanic, he did a really good job on the bodywork. Serious discount. I am SO recommending him to other people if I can. The place looks like a dump but he does quality work.

As soon as I took my little car back, I washed that baby. I still feel terrible about it and have been extra careful lately. I think it really put into perspective how valuable a car is to me and that I shouldn’t be messing my biggest and only real asset up. I’ve invested thousands in that car already and I don’t even have a decent job.

So now what? Mostly I’m playing a waiting game. Waiting for temp calls. When I was still working at Toys’R’Us, I got a ton of temp calls, and I couldn’t make any of them so now that I’m free, no one calls, though, in effect, it was a good thing because I didn’t even have a car last week. The plan having been 8 months out of school with no real experience is to volunteer and temp before pursuing an actual job. However….preferrably securing that job before the new classes of 2011 get out of school.  

In the meantime, I need to get an eye exam really badly and then try to find a place to get glasses that are affordable. I’m a year and a half overdue for an eye exam and I’m feeling the effects.

I have been up to nothingness!!! Just TV and playing video games. >_< I’ve seriously thought about inking the comic panels that i have laid out and everything, but I’ve done nothing!!!!!!!! I even found these great books at barnes and noble’s clearance sale that should encourage me to at least sketch. Still nothing. I am addicted to Puzzle Quest 2 for DS. Not only that but I have another game that I haven’t even touched: Dragon Quest IX. Gotta do something useful!!

Weights. I need to start lifting those again. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight since I’ve come here, but I think it’s not so much less food and stress as muscle atrophy. I’ve noticed that I’m exceptionally weak lately…just something else that I’ll probably forgo for games or tv.


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