Life is mostly good

My grandparents just celerated their 50th anniversary on Friday and we threw a party on Saturday. It was this big thing equipped with a whole roast pig, xa xiu, more pork, lots of food, slideshow movie, and karaoke to finish off the night. I had so much fun that I couldn’t sleep that night.

On a similar yet opposite note, my mom and I did an impromptu trip to Richmond on Friday to sign the agreement for my mom’s divorce. It was a very liberating experience. My parents are legally separated now and her lawyer is going for the divorce decree on the 26th. I knew that my dad would do this because my grandparent’s anniversary is the same day as my parents’.

My car is still in the shop and costing me even more than I thought. Still having car issues because my mom and I are still sharing the car we don’t have, it’s hard for me to be able to commit myself to any job without the free use of a job (temping is hard without one), my brother has finally agreed and is going to school again. All I can hope for is that we get some large income soon because one way or another someone is sacrificing for another person. When I analyze it all, the real reason I haven’t gotten a job yet is this transportation issue. My mom is still working part-time and puts me in a bind….still.

8 months and counting…

All in all though, I am doing well :) Happy.


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