wasting more money…

…ironic isn’t it. I just won $52 off of lotto scratchoffs and then turn around and have to shell out about 700 dollars for messing up my car’s bumper. >_< This is exactly why winning the mega millions jackpot is never one of my main goals in life. I don’t even want to consider it because I don’t want to win it. The way I see things is that life and nature has a way of even-ing the stakes. You win somewhere, you’re gonna lose somewhere else. Vice versa  too so it’s not all humglum in life. I can’t imagine winning money beyond my wildest dreams only to have something bad of the exact same scale tear into my life.

In the meantime, I have to suck up the cost. The price that I’m getting is actually somewhat discounted (of course, it was somewhat of a rough estimate because they’re going to find something else wrong….like how I busted up my fog light wires.)because my grandpa knows this guy. Indeed his estimate was a good 400 dollars below another company I went to.   

All in all though, the experience wasn’t as bad as it could have been had I been still in my old predicament. I was scared to death because I knew that my mom and grandparents would be mad at me, wasting all this money I don’t have as usual with my own carelessness (despite all the excuses I can try to come up with). HOwever, despite the obligatory scolding, nothing really happened except that my grandpa was worried about it so he rigged it so that it would be least likely to fall off while we got someone to help. I never dreamed we would’ve been able to address the problem to quickly. Ultimately I was very surprised at how the whole situation was handled by everyone. Similar to that time in the beginning when I spilled popcorn all over my uncle’s new couch, I was amazed at how differently the situation was (and could) be handled. There was no explosion of anger and yelling and screaming at how terrible and unresponsible and stupid I was, there was just the scolding and then…action. I’d always known the anger and stewing associated with this sort of incident, but not only was the problem dealt with in a timely manner, it was insisted that I seek professional help. I had originally tried to save some money by wondering if I could fix it myself like it no doubt would have been approached several months before. Amazing.

NOw I’m jusdt chilling, waiting for temp calls and my car to be finished. My grandparents’ 50th anniversary is coming up on Saturday so its a big to-do. Still feeling terrible about what I did, but it makes it easier to cope when no one has mentioned the incident again, rubbing it in my face. In fact, I think I’m the only one still rubbing it in my face.

Belts are gonna be tight again. Haha. Let’s hope this post doesn’t delete itself again this time.


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