Bad credit

MAN I’ve been trying to find a better credit card instead of the original one that I got from my old bank, but I’ve been turned down for all of them. :( Baaah. I guess the only thing left is to try and raise the credit limit on my card so that my credit score will look better. Geez. Though in retrospect it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do after just paying a late charge plus interest on a missed bill payment…

As it turns out, my seasonal work is not actually going to extend for very long. They’re not doing inventory this year, so the work time for the seasonal workers are going to tank after Christmas. Like they were saying at work today, the normal 5 day a week gig is going down to like 1 day a week. Geez…I was banking on making a few more bucks.

HOWEVER, it falls right in line with my current life situation. :) I am happy to say that my dentist’s office has successfully included me into their hygiene roster. On a temp basis, but STILL. I finally got to talk to the HR lady yesterday and so far I’ve already received 3 temp calls from the office!!! Unfortunately I couldn’t take any of them because I’m still working this week, but MAN. When they come, they come. :) Now I’m all worried again about jumping back into hygiene…I’ve been out of regular practice for about 6 months. I hope it’s not too hard to put myself back into the line of things. I’m hoping to be able to volunteer a little more before having to officially temp for the office. The pressure’s a little high because they kind of took me on out of the blue only from a word from the head dentist himself.  I’d hate to dissappoint…

ooo…cold…kind of wish I’d seen that full lunar eclipse last night. We won’t get another for like 80 years.

Currently feeling good about life. OH YEAH. One last phonecall to make: my car servicing. I wanna bring it in this Thursday to get the winterization special from Toyota. Gotta make sure I have enough money in the bank for this…


2 thoughts on “Bad credit

  1. Congrats!! It’s only natural to worry about starting up hygiene again, but I’m sure that you’ll get back into the swing of things. so does being a temp mean part-time work and that you’ll eventually get to work with them full-time?


    1. temp means part-time sort of…basically I hang around until someone calls me to come in. It’s not a very stable line of work, but at this point, I’m welcoming anything. The only hurdle now is to figure out how the car system is going to work since my mom and I are sharing a car…There’s always something. geez.


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