It works!

I’ve been a member of this online survey company thing that promises to pay out when you “make” a certain amount of money doing these online surveys. I guess you could call it a side job. There are alot of these companies out there and it’s an interesting prospect because most of the companies can be sketch. I admit I had my doubts about e-rewards, but I recently reached the 50 dollar mark, the amount you need to get a $25 giftcard from Gamestop. I hit “redeem” and spent all the hard-earned money that have been accumulating for at least a year ($50 a year is pretty rough even for a side job). The screen said, “your reward will arrive within 30 days” and I was like, “psssshhhh” at that point. But lo and behold! It arrived!! Within 30 days!!! I now have a 25 dollar Gamestop giftcard. :) That kind of made my day.

In other news, it is extremely crowded on the road out there especially around Fair Lakes and Fair Oaks. My family keeps soliciting me for toys, so after my shift ended I stood in the super long line for a lalaloopsy doll. The lines at work go pretty quickly, though, so it wasn’t so bad. What gets me is that there are people out there who are outraged at the lines when they go shopping the weekend before Christmas. I mean, really. What did you expect??

I just realized that my financial situation isn’t doing all that well, BUT I might very well have a job coming up, if I could ever get back to the people. My dentist has been trying to get me a job and apparently the human resources lady has been trying to call me and left 3 messages on a phone. O_o I haven’t gotten a single one and I tried to call yesterday and the day before to no avail. I left her a message on her voicemail which she did not return.  I’m going to push it on Monday as soon as I get out of work and as much as I can. Gonna pursue this one. With things the way they are, I’m done working for Toys’R’Us in 3 weeks, which is actually a relief because I realized that I really really need a well-paying job. If I can’t score a full-time one, then I need a part-time job so that I can volunteer and score some real jobs. This is it, folks!! I’m getting excited about it again. :} Did I mention that I keep referring to customers as patients? haha.

Going out for pho tonight. And Christmas is next week!!! Full work week next week though. geez. I hope this is all worth it. It’s really nice to see my bank accounts increasing for once. Hasn’t done that in 2 years. I just got rejected for a Citicard credit card because of my credit score and low credit limits. Just applied for a credit card from my current bank. Will know in 1-2 business days.

OK GTG EAT PHO!!!!!!!! ^___________^


2 thoughts on “It works!

  1. good luck with the job! where there’s a will, there’s a way. i know what you mean…driving around tyson’s at this time of year sucks.
    my brother fills out those online surveys. but instead of getting real cash, he gets nexon cash for maple story so he can buy items for his characters. so lame.


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