This stupid bill is making me crazy

I had missed last month’s bill for my credit card because I never got the bill in the mail. I know I should be using the online bill pay nowadays but I just never got around to signing up for it. Back in november a bunch of my mail got lost (there was a package from amazon that got lost too) so now I have a late payment plus a late fee and interest. I sent the check to them lilke 2 weeks ago and they STILL haven’t gotten it. I’ve called them like 3 times now and they keep telling me to “wait a couple days.” I’m convinced that the check got lost in the mail again, but I’ll play their waiting game. It makes me grumpy. If they tell me to wait again on tuesday I’m not going to. I’m thinking about getting rid of the card, but I’m afraid that no other credit card company will want to issue me one. I had a hard time getting this one even because I was a student and I needed a co-signer. I had gotten it mostly to build up my credit score, but this is gonna sink my credit. Bah. I just got a notice in the mail too. >_<

I haven’t eaten MSG in a while, but I (against my better judgement) got a bag of cheddar and sour cream ruffles chips which are loaded with msg. Now I have a heck of a headache. ugh. Maybe i should take some advil…

So since today was my day off, I was planning on playing mario galaxy all day, but it didn’t happen that way. I ended up playing a Fluidity demo on the Wii and then switching over to TV for a while. I eventually settled on watching the San Francisco Ballet’s Nutcracker on WETA and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a nerd. haha. I was somewhat productive today too: got some mail sent out, vacuumed in the basement, did some laundry, scanned my mom’s thing, ate junkfood…and that’s about it. 

The checklists for my days off never seem to get done…



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