New section on my . Promises to make me update more often.

I have a cavity. A real one. Not a just a random one. It actually is sensitive and hurts when i eat stuff. I’d known about it but hadn’t done anything because one of the docs at school said that it prolly wouldn’t become anything with my oral hygiene habits. Too bad I definitely slacked there for a bit. I also believe that I have rather malicious bacteria in my mouth. The cavity is where a sealant used to be and I think with my clenching habits and with time, it was worn away. Wonderful time for it escalate into a cavity: when I have no insurance coverage and can’t afford it by myself. GUH. I tried throwing some fluoride on it, but it hasn’t done any good. II think I really need to get this one done, or I’ll truly be able to tell my patients what an abcess feels like.

My scrapbooking thing has gone pretty well. I’ve mostly been putting things in the scrapbook sleeves. No mounting or anything yet. Just getting things organized. I’ve run into a snag, though, since I ran out of sleeves already and I defintiely need scrapbook expander screws. Who knew I had so much stuff? It’s been pretty fun to do, so far. :) 


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  1. i found a cavity a couple months ago. it was weird because i had always noticed it, but didn’t really do anything about it. ha, i even thought it was dirt. anyway, my dentist was poking it one day and was like, “hmm, it’s kinda sticky.” hope i don’t get any more in the future…


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