I can’t belive I’m bored, but I am.

All this lurking in my room all day, being hot on the hottest day of the week, having to leave my blinds closed because it gets too hot otherwise, is depressing me. I love being outside, but not when it’s horribly hot and humid out there. I’m actually bored. That generally does not happen all that often. It’s the kind of bored that’s apathetic. I don’t-want-to-do-anything bored.

It also doesn’t help that I can’t really see all that well. I got double vision from staring at my book too close for several hours today. I can’t believe I actually drove with that kind of vision…Anyways, Catherine Jinks has replaced Shannon Hale as my most favorite author EVER. Her writing is just too intelligent to pass by, and not to mention exhilerating.

Still can’t focus very well.  Trying to decide what to do next: more reading, watch a violent movie, type up some more ideas, taking a nap, clean up my mess of a room…. It’s too hot to do anything strenuous. Egad. I’ve lost track of the days! Is today friday??? no it’s thursday. gah.

My transcript (hopefully correct this time) finally came and I sent it off, so I hope to have my license in very soon. After that all I need to do is: wait for the VSP to send me stuff so I can finally get an eye exam; then figure whatever out about my car (it’s not mine.) and auto insurance; sign up through ADHA for liability insurance and look into their health insurance plans; finally move myself up to northern VA and get a job.


One thought on “I can’t belive I’m bored, but I am.

  1. ahh, i hate that feeling too. if the world cup wasn’t going on right now, i would probably be going crazy. and it doesn’t help that a lot of my friends are either working all the time or away.


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