AC wars.

So his new AC theory: If he turns on the AC downstairs, then we have no need to turn the one upstairs on because the one downstairs should be enough. Too bad heat still rises and heat will always get in through the windows and the attic is just upstairs. It is freakin’ HOT outisde!!! Good beach weather, but not good for AC wars. I think something is wrong with the AC unit again. Wherever i live in the future had better have working AC because I’d prob die otherwise.

After a thoroughly depressing day searching for DH jobs and houses and insurance and just dealing with money in general today, I decided that I really don’t know what to do. There are seriously like no job postings for the places in northern VA. I understand that I’m probably really late considering all the recent grads (B.S and Associate degrees in DH) have been looking and gotten jobs by now, but stiiiill. I can either go up there, be a dental assistant or find another job for the time being while I continue to look for a DH job, join a staffing agency and spend a ton of money on gas in a car with rather poor gas mileage, (at least I don’t have to worry about housing up there too much), or stay down here and try to find a job here for the moment while I get everything together. Everything jsut costs so much less here. I know the standard of living is higher in northern VA so it all evens out, but for someone who hasn’t lived up there, to suddenly go up is rather harsh. 

I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO. I don’t want a job that is less than my degree, but I can’t find anything at the moment up there and I really don’t want to stay down here (though I don’t necessarily want to leave my mom either).


I’ve been rather bored lately since my life has hit a snag and I’m playing the waiting game mostly. I’ve started trying to type up my AoWaM ideas so that I can better organize them. I finished inking the second installment of the modern episodes. Looking through everything has gotten me re-interested and motivated to come up with more sketches and ideas. 

I have books that I haven’t touched yet, and I’ve cleaned out even more of the stuff in my room. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANd. I forgot to do laundry. dang. i hope I have some undies left… 


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