Been going crazy with the pokemon gaming. So my brother actually ended up (surruptitiously) getting pokemon soulsilver. Anyways I’ve done everything I possibly can to avoid challenging the Kanto gym leaders, so now it’s time to hunker down and do it! I’ve chased entei and raikou around until entei is ripe for catching. Raikou…I don’t know what to do with because I accidently burned it and there’s no way to reverse that. Now all I need to do for either is to create a team to catch them properly. That team will be one that has all the necessary stat reducing moves (ie scary face, charm, etc) and I might even attempt to face entei with a bunch of pokemon that have the arena trap ability. Oh yeah. And false swipe is a must.

My current team is going well even with the late addition of Heracross. My heracross has adapted seamlessly with my team and now I don’t know what I’d do without it. My team as follows:

Heracross (Cut, aerial ace, brick break, close combat)
Crobat (Haze–[I need to replace this with something, but I dunno what], Fly, air cutter, poison fang)
Nidoqueen (surf, earth power, sludge bomb, body slam)
Ampharos (Strength, signal beam, thunder wave, discharge)
Gyarados (Ice fang, bite, dragon rage, waterfall)
Typhlosion (Rock smash, flamethrower, roll-out, earthquake)

As with any Pokemon game, it’s annoying to have to add HM’s. *pout* My team is pretty much good except that it is terrible against psychic pokemon.

I’ve recently hatched a bunch of eevee. I’ve made the original stone-three and will work on training the umbreon and espeon. Leafeon and Glaceon….I guess I have to train in Pearl and trade over? Anyways, I wannem all!!! I wasted my masterball though…I caught latios with it.

Since I’ve been on my butt alot, the Jirachi and special Pichu I got through pokemon events have not been able to walk much. Jirachi is kind of mad at me, but is sitting there patiently in the pokewalker. 


I got this from Nintendo of America today for being a Club Nintendo member and registering my games. It’s cool because I ordered this like 2 days ago. I love prompt service! Getting another reward very soon. Most likely tomorrow. The Tin at the end is what I had been using to hold all my DS games (I got that way back when pokemon was the thang), but the new pouch will replace that. It’s a silver DS Lite bag.


2 thoughts on “Raaaaaaaaaaawr!!

  1. oh my god, i was flailing my arms in excitement as i was reading this post. that’s a solid team you have. and…i’m very happy that you’re hatching eevees! i’m still working on my eevee evolution team grinding away until they’re strong enough. we should battle sometime.
    for your crobat, you can teach it dark pulse or hidden power. hidden powers are tricky though since the attack type varies.


    1. haha! yeah. I love the eevee evolutions. Always have. I used to dream about having a pure eevee team. I originally had taught it dark pulse and then deleted it for haze since I thought it would help get rid of raikou’s burn. It doesn’t. But then I hadn’t realized that in these new versions it doesn’t matter if you kill them since they come back. I think you can buy dark pulse, though can’t you…in celadon…


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