I hate constantly posting negative posts, but there seems alot to be negative about recently.

So I’ll summarize it succinctly: FRUSTRATED AND IRRITABLE.

Also, all thunderstorms to me are scary, but the one last night was particularly scary. It doesn’t help that the new setup for my room gives me maximum viewage of all the lightning (smack in the middle where the two windows’ shadows come together) at night. The heat doesn’t help either.

I am completely addicted to Monster Hunter Tri. AUUUGH. But then, there’s not too much else to do around the house either. I’m boooooooooooooored. I don’t get bored easily, but I truly am bored. I’ve been working on my projects and stuff, but artistic minds can only take so much. Some days are better than others and I like to give time in between creative bursts. That way I can go back fresh to help revise what my idea storm came up with (crap or success???). Antenna toppers are fun, but there are only 2 people with antennas in my family. I also have an extra one to switch out on my car. The window clings worked well and are hanging in the cars, though I have yet to come up with more pictures (once again the creative burnout). I’ve been hesitant to break the paint and model magic back out because of the disaster that came about last time. Yardwork has been mostly done–the heat and constant rain don’t help. 

Affecting all desires and such for all my projects is the fact that it’s SO DANG HOT in the house constantly. I hate heat. It makes me irritable and quick to anger and frustration. Things melt. IT’s humid which makes it hard to breathe. This is all leading into a rant which I will not launch into. Worse than existing constantly in heat is SLEEPING (really, trying to sleep) in heat. It’s the worst feeling in the world–not to mention bad for my eczema. I cannot for the life of me understand what’s so horrible about AC when you’re not even paying for it!!! asdnfoanidfocmadonmcalidmclad,burih. 

See the heat’s affecting my head already. Haha that reminds me of one of my patients. I was complaining how i don’t like heat (she was a stick of a lady) so at the end of appointment she told me that I need to go live in Maine.  Boards next friday! Still super nervous, but hopefully if i pass then my current worries will be over. Heck even if I fail, my life can be free from this limbo that I’m stuck in right now.

Saeve certando pugnandoque splendor crescit!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. i agree, sleeping in the heat is not a good feeling. i think that’s why i haven’t been sleeping very well lately and always wake up with a sweaty back.


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