I can’t believe I am a graduate.

I’m actually kind of sad now that I’m done with school, but it hasn’t totally, completely, totally hit me because I still need to take boards in 2 weeks. Graduation week was bittersweet. I have a tendency of disappearing when I’m done with a school. Will I do the same now that I’ve actually graduated with these people?

In other news I really need to find a job. THe day after I graduated (sunday) my dad left me a nice all-caps note in black permanent marker on the back of a mail envelope telling me that effective June 1 I will have no more health insurance and i need to either go back to school til I’m 25 or get a full-time job and pay for it by myself. THANKS SO MUCH FOR TELLING ME THIS ONE WEEK BEFORE IT WILL HAPPEN. I love you too.

Anyways, I don’t have a choice about getting a job because I can’t apply for a license until boards (whether I pass or not…) and then it’ll be close to july or august. It’s really late to be looking for a part-time job since all the college students are back now. I’ve posted my resume on careerbuilder and i’ve gotten weird emails back. I don’t want to apply early to hygiene jobs because most people want you as soon as possible and I can’t work til mid july-august. Simultaneously, I hate not having money and with my mom’s paycut (as well as her needing a new medication now), I really do need a job. My brother is working ALOT now. However, I feel like I need some time having just gotten out of school. geeez. Who would have known the situation after school’s over? So much for happiness when I I keep having life thrust at me over and over again. Even the weather’s been mirroring my mood. Mostly cloudy with sporadic sun.

I’ve moved my room around again. It felt good. I’m trying to get rid of the carpet stain in my room, but I found that it’ll probably take a while to do. darnit. Permanent marker sucks to get out. Still haven’t been able to get yardwork done  because I’m never sure when it’s going to rain. Ohh i need to vaccum and work on that stain some more. I also need to cut my nails. Still crazy nervous about boards.


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