I said I wouldn’t call, but I lost all control and I need you now…

Man. Hadn’t heard that song since a couple weeks ago when i got it stuck in my head. I really like it for some reason.

First Monday since school ended. Not really sure what to do with myself with all this time off. I know there are things that I should be doing such as applying for jobs, going for interviews, getting a passport pic ready for my VA licensing, you know….life stuff. Instead I spent the entire weekend and most of this morning playing Monster Hunter Tri. Got myself bored of playing constantly. My butt wasn’t all that impressed with me.

Finishing up the antenna toppers. The last coat of varnish is going on the popo one tonight, then some upclose pics of them and tomorrow I’m going to mount them on the cars. Figures that I’m almost done with the paint projects and I find yet another one from a long time ago that never got finished. Now I feel obligated to do so. -_-;;

In the process of going through all the papers from my school program. Gonna clean out my computer files and back them up, and then it’s away for the back packs. I had a thought about moving my room around again, but there are certain pieces of furniture that severely limit anything I can do. They’re so daggum heavy!!! I might just remove the frame from my bed which should give me about a foot of extra space. I’ve been downsizing like crazy so that moving my stuff won’t be such an ordeal. Plus, every time school ends, it’s like I need a new beginning or something so I like to change my environment.

Hmmm should prob go get the trash so we can pull the trashcan up the driveway. All those stupid cars in the driveway…why is everything so inconvenient in this house????

Life certainly flies by quickly. I can’t believe I graduate on friday!! It’s unreal. Tomorrow’s plan: take CPR class at the V.A., then my friends from school want to go to Dave and Buster’s. Never been, so it should be fun. I hate that money always has to get in the way of everything. I’ve not been wanting to go anywhere because I don’t really have the money to spend on recreational things like that. My siblings and I keep talking about "later when we have money" but i wonder what will happen when we do?  


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