Back to updating?

Remember when there was a time where I used to update every single day? Sometimes several times a day? I think it usually falls around this time. After all the exams, after all the classes, and when I have the most time to do things. You know, it’s weird that I was saying yesterday (or the other day?) that I don’t know what to do with myself at home anymore with no assignments left, cuz we went to Jo-Ann fabrics, didn’t come home til like 9, and then I stayed up for like an hour and a half trying to finish up a project that should have been done months ago fo the reunion. Geez. My family is bad at waiting until the last moment to do things. I actually have been wanting to do things on my computer and haven’t been able to owing to different factors here and there.

Even when there are no projects and things, why am I always the one that my mom calls to do things? It’s annoying. There are 3 kids at home, one is always on the computer and the other is always doing SOMETHING. I mean, really. I know that when i left home, i realized when I came back that my mom has to do alot of things and no one helps her–that’s why I started helping around so much. But it still doesn’t stop me from feeling annoyed sometimes.

…I tried to find a corner to hide in and OF COURSE people find me and sit next to me and starts talking about things. It’s interesting because whenever I choose to NOT bring my netbook, I really regret it, but most of the time when I do I never use it and it just weighs down my backpack. I was really wrestling with it this morning, and then decided not to.

Have you ever listened to a song that you haven’t heard in a while and felt nostalgic? It’s saddening to be because of how often it happens these days. I remember the fun days when we were young, vacations, college….and that’s it. ahhaha. It still makes me sad knowing how everyone’s getting old. The older I get, the older my parents, grandparents and relatives get. Speaking of family, one of my 2nd cousins has leukemia :( She’s so young too.


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